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It is our belief that God has a plan for the redemption of Fresno and that the Church of Fresno will play a key role in ushering in this redemption.  Because of this, we also believe that the most significant future transformation will require significant relationships between churches.

  For this reason, Vision 22 is an invitation for churches to enter into deeper relationships with each other than existing efforts are able to facilitate.  However, deeper relationships are the means, not the end. 

 Therefore, Vision 22 is also an invitation for these churches to discern a way for their relationships to result in lasting impact upon our most deteriorated neighborhoods and fulfill our call.

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The Vision Behind Vision 22

One of the impetuses for this vision is our city’s perennial struggle with concentrated poverty and its effects.  Since the Brookings Institution published its concentrated poverty study in late 2005, Fresno has made minimal progress related to this issue and has continued to battle the effects of our city’s condition.  The blame for our lack of progress can be assigned to many, but amidst our struggles there are many who have devoted themselves to seeing Fresno flourish. 

Vision 22 celebrates those efforts and believes that perhaps the greatest movement is still to come.  It is a movement that is not focused on the concentration of poverty, but on the concentration of “light.” 

This “light” emanates from the Body of Christ in Fresno, joined together and actively pursuing God’s vision for our twenty-two neighborhoods of concentrated poverty as well as for our entire city.  

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Ideas to Fuel the Movement

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We are constantly working on new ways to fuel this collaborative work. Click on any of the icons to download these resources. 

Vision 22 Bible Study

Our curriculum is designed to stir you, your small group, or church to consider your role in Central California’s transformation.

Vision 22 Podcast

Designed to compliment the Bible Study we recorded 5 unique conversations with thought leaders across our city. You will find this resource both challenging and helpful.

Vision 22 Prayer Guide

“Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf...” (Jer. 29:7).

Data Sheets

To love and serve the neighborhoods of our city we have to know them. One way to do this is with real-world data.